Give To The Durbin’s Adoption of Twins Fund.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for praying for our family and these precious girls. God certainly has a history of surprising my family with special gifts. Many of you may be aware of what God did almost 4-years ago in giving us the tremendous blessing of Augustine. He was diagnosed with the worst stage of Spina Bifida while in the womb and his mother asked us to adopt him and bring him into our family. We were so grateful to God and we agreed. When he was born, the Lord miraculously healed him. He was completely whole. He has been, without dispute, one of God’s greatest gifts to our family. We all agree.

The Lord has called us to adopt again. This situation has come in a similar way. We weren’t actively pursuing adoption, but, we have been open. In God’s amazing providence, a pregnant mother reached out directly to me. She knew what a tremendous blessing and gift adoption is and felt strongly that the Lord was directing us to adopt her child. To protect her privacy and honor her, I’ll leave out the details. However, we were committed to loving this woman and her family and blessing and serving her in any way the Lord called us to.

We were all very surprised when, two weeks ago at an ultrasound appointment, it was discovered that she was pregnant with twin girls! Twins! Then, about 1-week later she went into early labor and delivered the girls. They are very early: 29-weeks. They are so beautiful and they are doing well. They are in the newborn ICU and are being cared for by an absolutely incredible team of doctors, nurses, and specialists. However, they have a very long way to go and a lot of hills to climb. So, we desperately need your prayers and the protecting hand of God. I could hold each one of them in one hand if they are curled up.

Though they are such an incomprehensible grace to us, we weren’t ready for them. So there is a lot to be done and it needs to be done quickly. We have to prepare our home, get everything the girls need, travel back-and-forth across the country over the next two months to care for and love them, work with the State and adoption agency, and, ultimately, raise the funds to do this. Unfortunately, even with a straight-across adoption from person-to-person, it is very expensive. Adoption is completely beautiful. No question. It also requires a tremendous amount of money and work. It’s all worth it. But, it isn’t easy.

I want to ask you if you will consider joining with my family to bring these girls into our family, to allow them to have me as their father, and to help us to accomplish this financially. Right now, the costs for the legal fees, agency fees, and travel costs to care for them and bring them home are estimated at about 40k. Again, this was such a surprise. Not only in adopting, but, that it is twin girls and that they would be in the ICU across the country for an extended period of time. We’re trusting the Lord to provide everything needed to give these girls a home in which they are loved, protected, provided for, and that they get the Good News of God’s love and grace in Christ, every day of their lives.

Will you consider helping us to provide for this need and to pray for these precious girls? Anything you can do would be so appreciated by my family and I. Thank you, again, for reading this and for being a part of what the Lord is doing in their lives.