Meet The Team

Luke Pierson

Discipleship pastor


Luke has been a Pastor/Elder at Apologia Church from its inception in February of 2010. He originally served as Youth Pastor for one year, and as the church grew, the number of new believers in need of discipleship also increased. In 2011 Luke felt lead by God to switch roles from Youth Pastor to Discipleship Pastor. He now spends most of his ministry time discipling and counseling people.

Luke also plays bass for Write the Sky, Apologia Church’s Worship Ministry, and is Co-Host of the church’s radio program, Apologia Radio. Luke has also served as the Vice President of Apologia Christian Ministries since its beginning in October of 2008. Luke has been involved in outreach to the occults for 12 plus years with experience ministering to Atheists, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Oneness Pentecostals. With Apologia, Luke has been on ministry trips to California, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. He has also gone on short-term building/outreach missions trips to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

with Construction for Worldwide Evangelism. Upon relocating to Phoenix in 2006, and seeing the need for outreach to Mormonism, which has been called, “the fastest growing religion in the world,” Luke felt he had, and still has been called by Sovereign God to give his life to the Gospel.

Luke comes from a heritage of missions and ministry, with his great grandfather being a missionary in Kenya, and Africa, where he was born. His grandfather then went on to be a missionary in the Belgian Congo, Africa, where his mother was born. His aunt and uncle are currently missionaries in Brazil, his brother is a lead pastor in Portage, WI, and his father has been heavily involved in a short-term missions. Luke has also served in youth ministry for nine plus years, at Bethel Church in Crown Point, Indiana and at
LifeQuest Church, in Phoenix, Arizona. Luke, coming from a construction background, has a BS in Construction Management and an AS in Architectural Engineering from Purdue University. He plans on pursuing a Master’s Degree in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics at Christ Theological Seminary.

Luke, his wife of over ten years, Cheryl, and their daughter Evangeline Grace, currently reside in Maricopa, Arizona.

Jeff Durbin

Preaching pastor

Jeff Durbin is Pastor/Elder of Apologia Church in Tempe, and has worked for many years as a hospital-chaplain. Jeff is a popular speaker for camps, conferences, churches & schools across the nation. He has participated in outreach to various different religions across the nation and has even engaged in public debate against Atheism. Jeff was featured on a series for the History Channel called, “The Stoned Ages” about the Christian approach to drugs and alcohol. Jeff hosts a weekly radio program heard on KPXQ called “Apologia Radio” and is heard internationally via podcast at is a World Champion martial artist with 5 Black-Belts and and has starred in popular video games and even played Michaelangelo and Donatello for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” franchise as well as Johnny Cage in “Mortal Combat” the world-tour. The younger crowd may have even seen him as a fighter in MTV’s “the Final Fu”.

Jeff has been married to his bride, Candi, for over 14-years. Candi and Jeff have 4-children: Sage, Immagin, Saylor, and Stellar. Two more children are in heaven with Jesus, because they went to be with the Lord during pregnancy.

Apologia Radio P.O. Box 1545 Chandler, AZ 85244

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